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Bridesmsaid tote: 'sidekicks, peas in a pod, perfect pair, birds of a feather, two of a kind, partners in crime, best friend' #katespade!bridesmaid-gifts/c1q5k

from Designer Trapped

The BEST Gift Ideas for Girls

Finding the perfect gift for young girls can be tricky, especially when you don't have a young girl yourself! This list of the best gift ideas for girls is SPOT ON! It was clearly made by a mom who has (or has had) a young girl to buy for!

Dream Dust...ah I love it. Sparkly baby powder you sprinkle on the pillows before bed to "'s magic" inspire good dreams. Go Kelle Hampton and her awesome blog!

from Smart Party Planning

Father's Day Crafts For Kids

A great gift idea for Father’s day would be something that the kids have made for themselves. This selection of nine awesome Father’s day crafts for kids will provide plenty of inspiration and there is something for everyone regardless of age. The kids will have fun preparing these homemade gifts and dad will be super impressed with the results.

So, it's not a recipe. But, you can personalize this box with someone's picture and a message. Great gift idea for kids.

from Vogue

Prince in Vogue: Portraits of an Icon

Left: Master of the moves: Prince in action at Paisley Park, his music and style center. Right: Gearing up gangster-style, Prince shows off the chalk-striped suit and custom-made fedora he wore in his Gett Off video. Editor: André Leon Talley