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Many new beekeepers learn things the hard way. As a beekeeping instructor, it’s my job to keep my students from meeting this all too common fate! Read on to find out the mistakes I see most o…

** Isolate the queen, and no matter how abundant the food or favorable the temperature, she will expire in a few days from lonliness. [Maurice Materlinck - The Life of a Bee

A Quick Guide to Starting a Beehive

With Colony Collapse Disorder consistently chipping away at our global honeybee population, the art of beekeeping has become more important than ever. This DIY guide to starting your own beehive should get you up and running for Spring honey.

New BEEKEEPING HONEY BEE vintage enamel style tin metal advertising sign 15x20cm

Learn how to set-up a backyard beehive and harvest your own honey with this easy-to-follow guide.

An Introduction to Beekeeping