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Holy Primus, Megatron on drugs! Even he!?

Really face by on @deviantART. I love that facial expression of Megatron's!

Megatron just likes the explosions and violence. Optimus can't figure out why he and Megatron are acting differently, and poor Jazz is crying because he died.

Megatron VS. Smartphone by on @deviantART

Silly Megatron. Funny how starscream in hanging.

Smokescreen and Bumblebee - HumanFormers, Oh my Primus, they're adorable! xD

Elita-1 by ~REX-203 on deviantART

16 by m343m on deviantART

Elita-1, the leader of the Autobot Femmes. She looks like a queen, "Queen of the Autobots" :3. Now all she needs is her King! ;-)