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Booklet from the Heart Chakra Healing Kit by CosmicKaruna on Etsy... Set comes with Raw Crystals, Rose Water, Sage, Candles, Bath Tea, Incense & a very helpful booklet ♥ Time to relax & be spiritually pampered.. Om Shantih Om Peace

Nice. "I banish all evil influence from my home. I will not allow it to wreak havoc within the hearts, minds, and spirit of those who live here." If you don't have sage, you may wish to say the prayer while lighting a candle, &/or edit to fit your religious beliefs. ---Kimberly Teed .. // .. Original text : Peaceful home Prayer

crystals, candles

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Elements for Daily Devotion :: crystals :: sage :: succulents :: plants :: cactus :: inspiration @aumandamen

altar: white pillar candle + talisman + sage + Tarot candles

How to perform a cleansing ceremony with the use of burning sage also known as smudging I picked sage from my garden and dried it and put i...