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my friend group was talking about howl's moving castle and at the same moment me and my best friend, who twin speak pretty regularly, went it's a book/movie respectivly at the same time

BAHAHAAHAHAHA omg I love when edits have Divergent stuff!!! I am seriously jumping around right now!!!

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Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

And then - after a couple seconds - it sinks in and the sobbing begins... <<< Yes. "Oh. I've been impaled."

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20 Things Bookworms Hate Hearing

20 Annoying Things Bookworms Hate Hearing

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Me as a kid.

I can totally relate to this! Like, somebody's talking back to their mom and I'm like, "Holy- my mom would seat me if I talked to her like that

When my OTP is in a fight // Example(s)? Mine: Have you read the DIVERGENT trilogy? My OTP fights more than any other ship. *sigh*

Fangirl Problems the other day we had a Mr Thorn as a teacher at school and I was freaking out, my friends were all like What??

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25 Funny Pictures for Today

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