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A400M completes grass runway certification tests. Airbus Defence and Space has successfully completed certification testing of the A400M new generation airlifter on a grass runway. Tests took place over a three week period at the airfield of Écury-sur-Coole in France in September and examined the aircraft’s behaviour on grass and natural soil runways.

Airbus Defence and Space A400M final assembly line (FAL) in Seville (Spain) has begun working on the first A400M new generation airlifter for the German Air Force. With the arrival of the fuselage for this aircraft, known as MSN18, all major structures of the first of the 53 A400Ms for Germany are now being assembled in the FAL. The German Air Force will take delivery of its first A400M in November 2014. The photograph shows MSN18 fuselage and nose in the A400M FAL.

Airbus Military A400M Atlas strategic transport cockpit.

French Armée de l'Air Airbus Military A400M Atlas.

U.S. Lockheed C-130J Hercules aircraft taxi down the runway to conduct airborne operations before a training mission on airfield seizure at Rivolto Airport in Codroipo, Udine province, Vicenza, Italy, Oct. 10, 2013. U.S. Army photo by Paolo Bovo

Lithuanian Air Force Alenia Aermacci C-27 Spartan transport aircraft transporting French troops for Operation Sangaris in the Central African Republic,to N'Djamena from Lyon Mont-Verdun, France, 7 April, 2014.

French Armée de l'Air Dassault Mirage F1-CR reconnaisance a/c taxi on the runway at Russian air base Savasleyka (district of Nizhny Novgorod, 400 km east of Moscow),during a joint exercise 18 to 23 August 2013.

Curtiss Hawk 75A-1. La Ferte - Alais (LFFQ) - France, May 26, 2007.

Boulton Paul Defiant fighter. Initially very successful during the Battle of France & early in the Battle of Britain, due to Luftwaffe pilots mistaking the profile for a Hurricane or Spitfire, & attacking from behind or the side, they soon realised the weakness of no forward firing guns, & the blank spots in the turret's rotation & field of fire. As a nightfighter especially when equipped with early radar it filled the gap well until more specifically designed aircraft arrived.

The Italian Air Force national display team Frecce Tricolori Aermacchi MB-339 trainers make smoke on the runway before take off. Held at Malta International Airport in the weekend of Sept. 27-28, the traditional Malta International Airshow featured some really interesting visitors.