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SILVIA - A1084664 - - Manhattan **TO BE DESTROYED 08/12/16** SOS! SECOND CHANCE FOR SILIVIA!! SILVIA NEEDS MEDICAL CARE RIGHT AWAY!! Silvia is an amazing kitty who lived with children, is friendly with all even strangers and is dog friendly. Sadly this girl was surrendered to ACC for “pet health.” It seems Silvia has some liver issues and it likely has been going on for a bit. It’s a shame she couldn’t receive veterinary care instead of just being d

LENOX - A1044955 - - Manhattan *** TO BE DESTROYED 08/12/15*** SECOND CHANCE FOR THIS DREAMY KITTEN!! LENOX is pretty as fine china. But he sure does feel like he’s going to break if he has to be at the ACC much longer! The 10 month old, NEUTERED boy has been surrendered ,citing personal problems! LEXOX was very afraid and timid at intake but was easy to handle and solicited limited attention.But he’s stressed at the shelter and may take time to warm up to his

PRINCESS - A1046269 - - Brooklyn ***TO BE DESTROYED 08/12/15*** HEADBUTTING SWEETHEART WITH A NEAR-PERFECT BEHAVIOR RATING LEANS INTO HANDS FOR PETTING, BUT WILL DIE BECAUSE SHE SNEEZED – PLEASE GRANT PRINCESS A DEATH ROW PARDON!!! Pretty brown tabby and white girl PRINCESS, seven years young, was sadly surrendered into the kill-happy ACC due to PERSONAL PROBLEMS. At home, Princess was PURRfect: Princess is relaxed and affectionate toward adults.. Princess lived wi

THE DELI KITTENS GROUP K15-018862 - - Manhattan **TO BE DESTROYED 06/22/15** BOLOGNA is a 4-week-old kitten who was brought to the ACC with his sibling, Torta, just a few short days ago. Leave it to the shelter to put one kitten on the euth list, and make no mention of the other one. Yes, they may have a fancy-pants new name, but when they say they care about the animals in their “care,” it’s liar, liar, pants on fire. Bologna is going to find out that th

ANGEL - A1084299 - - Brooklyn ** KILLED 08/10/16*** OWNER BECAME SICK AND POOR ANGEL LANDED IN THE KILL SHELTER!! How sad that when pet owners fall ill, that it seems nobody in the family or circle of friends wants to care for their pet? ANGEL is a 4 year old kitty who was a stray taken in by his owner. He followed him around and would play with toy balls. But now that he is sitting in the scary shelter – he is terrified and was punished with a New Hope only

NINO - A1085045 - - Manhattan ***TO BE DESTROYED 10/26/16*** NINO WAS FOUND A FEW MONTHS BACK BY SOMEONE WHO DOES NOT WANT TO TAKE CARE OF HIM ANY LONGER!! NINO is a 5 year old boy who was taken in by someone a few months ago. He has something wrong with his ear and has a polyp or possible ear infection and this owner did not want to bother vetting him or caring for him being sick. So NINO was dumped at the ACC. He is a friendly guy, and rocked an AVERAGE rating because he

BLAIR - A1083267 - - Staten Island **TO BE DESTROYED 08/08/16** TRUE OR FALSE: SECOND CHANCE FOR SOME, PLUS FIRST CHANCE FOR ONE OF THE GROUP, CRISS! One may consider themselves to be a “colony care giver” when said colony “keeps reproducing,” and said “colony care giver” copes with that by TAKING “HER” CATS TO DIE AT THE ACC. Well, that’s clearly FALSE, it’s clearly BS, and it’s clearly about to get CRISS, LAURENCE, VAL, ANGEL, and BLAIR killed tomo