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Agrona was a Welsh and Anglo-Celtic Goddess of Slaughter and War often equated with the Morrigan. Though her name bears the root of the modern English word 'agronomy', the name for the scientific study of land cultivation, no evidence of her as a harvest/fertility Goddess can be found today.


50 Origami-Inspired Fashion Styles

50 Origami-Inspired Fashion Styles - From Futuristic Geometric Dresses to Complex Origami Couture (TOPLIST)


Monolith Square Solitaire Ring

Bronze Monolith Architectural ring. Available in all sizes. Please specify size at checkout.


Magazine - Alana Dee Haynes' Decorated Photographs

Alana Dee Haynes is a Brooklyn based artist who illustrates on found fashion photography. This sounds like it might yield crappy results, like something out of a high school Trapper Keeper, but Ala…

from The Iced Sugar Cookie

Paris Eiffel Tower Love Bracelet