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Pedi-GEL Callus Pads - Our unique new Pedi-GELTM material is self-sticking, washable, reusable, and safe for sensitive skin. These adhere directly to skin or to the insides of shoes - whichever is preferred - to provide extra cushioning.

Complete Organic Foot Care Kit - Foot Cream, Foot Scrub, a Foot Scrubber and a little jar of 95% Shea Butter Balm, all tied up in a pretty bow.

Square Foot Gardening: Growing More in Less Space. What if you could grow a bounty of fresh vegetables for your family's dinning pleasure this summer? If you don't have the yard space for a good size garden, nor the time to weed and care for a larger garden, you can get it done with a square foot garden. Click thru for a video tutorial and a free square foot garden plan. #squarefootgardens

Suncatcher Eight Foot Diameter Garden Bird Aviary - in place of the lemon tree in the backyard

S T O N E H E N G E. It's crazy you used to be able to touch and sit on the stones but people was trying to do graffiti on them and all kinds of parties and wear and tear so now there is a rope around the site that keeps people from damaging them any further. Some of them have even fell over the years because of the weather and the movement of the earth and the caretakers have had to reposition them several times. The known info about them is that the site is about 4000 years old and was…

Click here to view larger image This is a miracle worker if you have dry or callused feet. Instant results.