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A Visual History of NASA Space Food

The food and drink served aboard Skylab Because Skylab had freezers, it was the closest experience yet to eating at home. Meals were defrosted and reheated, with the three astronauts supplied for 112 days at a time.

12 Awe-Inspiring Photos of Lightning

What better way is there to show both the beauty and power of nature than with these incredibly electrifying images of lightning? While sometimes it just takes being at the right place at the right time, like for amateur photographer Bertrand Kulik and his photo of a brightly illuminated Eiffel Tower, for others, like Dan Ransom, it requires carefully assembling a composite image or "stacking" multiple photos together to showcase a wild electrical storm (like the one Ransom stunningly…

Bobcat Sitting on Top of 40 Foot Tall Cactus

Bobcat Sitting on Top of 40 Foot Tall Cactus. I'm amazed he on on top of any cactus. Ouch!

Adam Savage Admires Weta Workshop Sculptor’s Intricate Mini Version of the ‘Labyrinth’ Maze

A Virtual Interactive Walking Tour of Bilbao, Spain Featuring Ambient Sound Recordings

Portuguese architect and photographer Nuno Madeira created a virtual walking tour of the Spanish city Bilbao, featuring stitched-together high-dynamic range photos and ambient sound recordings to o…

Global Rainbow, High Power Laser Projection of a Giant Rainbow Beam

“Global Rainbow” by Yvette Mattern is a massive scale outdoor light projection in which seven high power lasers project a rainbow light beam for up to five miles.

‘Tour Eiffel’, Photo Series Capturing the Eiffel Tower as Viewed Through the Windows of Different Paris Apartments

In his photo series Tour Eiffel, photographer Jasper White has captured the fantastic elegance of the Eiffel Tower as it is viewed from different apartments all around Paris. White said that he emb…

Community Post: London In 1927 Vs. 2013

London in 1927 & 2013. During the 1920s, cinematographer Claude Friese-Greene travelled across the UK with his new colour film camera. His t...

Aerial Photos of the Ongoing Eruption at Holuhraun Lava Field in Iceland

Photographer Iurie Belegurschi's breathtaking images of Iceland's Bardarbunga, showing explosive lava fountains, were taken from a helicopter hovering above the volcano.