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Finished with this a #moleskine #sketchbook page. Wish I'd stopped earlier . Foolish man . #drawing #pen #paper by johncuneo3

Yeah I told someone that I'd pray for them before because their mom had ovarian cancer and they were like "you don't have to do that." I just stopped talking to them after that. I wonder how she's doing...

The truth is...

The truth is, I stopped talking to you, not because I don't like you anymore, but because I thought I was annoying you. And I'm just waiting for you to say that you miss me. Because I miss you everyday, every hour, every minute, every second, and it hurts.

"No, sir, even as a Canadian, we seriously deny that we will accept and read this... And coming from a more Tumblr worthy point-- F*CK YOU."

I'm your-- I'M YOUR P A L A D I N << I see the hiatus is going well --- Keith >>>> Whoever made this edit... you need to stop XD