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and just because a shirt covers your bum when you're standing still does NOT mean it will cover it any other time.

Like what??? Mary love cherry with strawberry and blueberry with resberry... I told Larry get blackberry for his acaiberry then Larry marry Carry for the Bakery ... LOL ....So silly....hahaha

They Had Their Reasons

I am a married, progressive, gay, atheist (with Buddhist influences), bear, sci-fi-lovin' geek who works at a library. This tumblr reflects my geeky, progressive, godless, bookish, gay-bear nerdiness . And watches -- i love watches.

I know my sisters and my moms and joeys by heart... im screwed! Lol if I go to jail sister will say tough love. Mom already spent all her money getting bub out and i probably went in the first place for finally losing my cool on joey! Lol