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Kitchen Triangle Rule: In a kitchen with 3 work centers, the sum of the three traveled distances should total no more than 26', with no single leg of the triangle measuring less than 4' nor more than 9'.

GROUPS Acronym Poster Freebie. I decided to post this freebie after the anchor chart from my blog was pinned thousands of times. I wanted to be able to provide teachers with a resource they could print out and use right away if they wanted to implement this classroom management idea!

The width of a work aisle should be at least 42” for one cook and at least 48” for multiple cooks. Measure between the counter frontage, tall cabinets and/or appliances.

first week of school activity to do as a class

Whole Brain Teaching is my favorite thing ever... did a research paper on it for my Masters and now I even use it in Sunday School. It's AMAZING!

Dropzone Game - add fractions to get a sum of one (1). Based on 1/3, 1/4, 1/6, 1/12 (which work well together). The WINNER is the player who first earns four different tokens or five of one kind of token. (There are additional rules - and associated strategy.)

WHAT IS THE BUSINESS ETIQUETTE Jan 10 | ByLev BUSINESS 0 Business etiquette is the rules of conduct in business relations. It is a kind of secular etiquette but its main difference from the last lies in the dominance of subordination to the age and sex differences of people. To understand what business etiquette is you must know the basic rules of it. The compliance with rules of business etiquette can help you save time and money as well as build relationships with colleagues and…

Added additional posters with white background for ease if printing. Free for a limited time.