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Mary the Rich, Duchess of Burgundy and Maximilian of Habsburg.

Ensemble once belonging to Mary Habsburg: ca. 1520.

Mary at Her Devotions, Hours of Mary of Burgundy - Artist unknown "The Mary of Burgundy Painter" Medieval

1490: Mary of Burgundy by Michael Pacher

Gown of Queen Mary of Habsburg - full length - back by taryneast, via Flickr |

23rd November 1503 - Death of Margaret, Duchess of Burgundy (Margaret of York), daughter of Richard, 3rd Duke of York, and sister of Edward IV and Richard III.

Maximilian, Habsburg Emperor of Mexico

Crown of Margaret of York (1446-1503), Cecylee's youngest daughter. Made to fit over a henin (conical headdress) and worn to her wedding to Charles of Burgundy in July, 1468.