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Celebrating real food at a great farmers' market in Hong Kong. Photo:

I'm trying to get ideas for the 2012 Primary Bulletin board. I like part of this board.

Orrr....maybe not... oh well...I was just thinking logically but what the hey!!CELEBRATE!!!

In addition to Talk Like a Pirate Day, the following holidays are NOT celebrated by S.H.I.E.L.D.: Talk Like an Asgardian Day Deadpool Appreciation Day Hawaiian Pants Day Thor-toberfest Christmas in Stark’s Pants Mixed Drinks Mondays No celebration of these holidays while on duty or on S.H.I.E.L.D. property will be tolerated.

This photo inspired our 2012 Celebration merchandise

A girl in Agam Minch, Ethiopia, carries water home to her family. Her village uses a charity: water well for their drinking water.

November, 27th, 2012 Real Love is Forever

Man vs Nature: Outdoor Scenes. “A balmy 41 degree day and ominous storm clouds promised a little more excitement than normal at Perth’s Australia Day celebrations. The crowd was more impressed with the lightning than the million dollar fireworks and this photo shows why.” Location: Perth, Western Australia, Australia. Photo #48 and “quoted” caption by © Matthew Titmanis/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest A snapshot from mountaineer's life Sense of Place