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Kanamit, "To Serve Man"

The Twilight Zone, To Serve Man. If the entire planet ends up trusting a random alien species who looks like this and has a book you cant understand called "To Serve Man". we're doomed, huh.

The Twilight Zone: "To Serve Man" [1962] "Please, Mr. Chambers... Eat. We wouldn't want you to lose weight."

The Twilight Zone: "To Serve Man" One of the best TV shows ever!

To Serve Man - Twilight Zone Posters by Luke Vickers

A series of poster designs based upon the original Twilight Zone Television series.

.:.:.:.:.:.BREAKING BAD.:.:.:.:.:.   Keep calm bitch with Jesse pinkman / Aaron Paul  funny humor meme

There exist like a million of 'keep calm' pictures. This one is really funny becouse in the series 'breaking bad' Jesse (guy in the picture) say 'bitch' all the time. It made me laugh very hard.

The fortune teller from The Twilight Zone episode, “Nick Of Time”, 1960.

The fortune teller machine from The Twilight Zone episode, “Nick Of Time”

Rod Serling, Twilight Zone

Creator,screenwriter and narrator of The Twilight Zone tv series. I also love the way this guy promoted smoking in every episode!Wallpaper and background photos of Rod Serling for fans of The Twilight Zone images.