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Mix grass seed in with potting soil. Fill up a nylon. Tie into segments with string to make a 'caterpillar." Soak in water till saturated. Then let the kids spray it with water every day after and watch it grow. When the grass gets "too long" let the kids give it a "haircut."

from The Future Kept

Hand Carved Coffee Scoop

The gradients, textures and beauty of hand crafted wooden items. From Birch, through to Sweet Chestnut and Walnut, creating these beautiful hand carved coffee scoops. As rich and unique as the coffee beans it is intended for, this little scoop will make your morning ritual a special occasion every day. These are also great for measuring sugar, flour or grains.

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Canvas, some green paint and sweet hands to make a beautiful Christmas piece of family art.

from Odyssey

The Next Big Thing: Blackout Poetry

Blackout Poetry is a beautiful way to express yourself and to create a masterpiece from old newspapers or magazines. It's truly a wonderful art form that relaxes and excites the writer in you at the same time.