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Early 1920s Beaded Dress in the Style of Vionnet

- Product Description - Measurements Madeline Vionnet was greatly inspired by the chiton as well as various other modes of classical Greek and Roman dress. One of her best designs took the chiton and

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Meet the insane Ariel Nomad, the ultimate off-road buggy

Chiton marine snail could inspire improved battery and solar cell development (Wikimedia Commons)

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Armor plating with built-in transparent ceramic eyes

Tiny sea creatures could provide inspiration for armor with built-in optical systems - A team of MIT researchers has looked closer than ever before at the unique shells of chitons, using X-rays to discover their secrets. The results reveal a no-compromise setup that provides the tiny sea creatures with both protection and optical visibility. The findings could one day inspire man-made armor with similar abilities. Biomimicry