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Solução de Problemas

Funny pictures about International guidelines for problem solving…. Oh, and cool pics about International guidelines for problem solving…. Also, International guidelines for problem solving… photos.

imogen heap music gloves

Imogen Heap’s sensor-packed gloves will change digital music making forever (interview)

The gesture-control gloves developed by musician Imogen Heap could lead to more expressive and accessible ways of making music.

A new building for a Chinese music corporation in downtown Shenzhen has a reactive LED facade that "plays" the music its users are downloading in real time.

This Music Company Uses Its Building To Visualize What Users Download

Music Tech Monday: The Chinese building that looks like an equalizer - Electronic Products

The Hendo Hoverboard was created by Jill and Greg Henderson, a California couple, who hope to put their hover technology in the hands of developers by July 2015. It will come in the form of a white box with hoverboards following a few months later.

The Hoverboard Is Finally Real

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Picturephone - From Bell Telephone Magazine, Spring 1966

Western Electric Picturephone Evolution and variations

Explorers have mapped the surface of the iconic Matterhorn painstakingly by foot, by satellite, and now by drone, thanks to a small fleet of eBees launched by senseFly and Drone Adventures. The mission not only proved the eBee’s capabilities, but generated a data-rich 3D model of the mountaintop.

AATF - An eBee drone sails over the Matterhorn, acquiring data and taking pictures

15 Technologies That Were Supposed to Change Education Forever

15 Technologies That Were Supposed to Change Education Forever

“Push-button education” in the May 1958 edition of the Sunday comic “Closer Than We Think”.

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