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Henry Crawford: Perfect. You dance like an angel, Fanny Price. Fanny Price: One does not dance like an angel alone, Mr Crawford. Henry Crawford: What? A compliment? Heavens rejoice, she complimented me! Fanny Price: I complimented your dancing, Mr. Crawford, keep your wig on.

Mansfield Park (1999): Frances O'Connor, Jonny Lee Miller, Alessandro Nivola, Hannah Taylor-Gordon, Talya Gordon, Lindsay Duncan, Bruce Byron, James Purefoy, Sheila Gish, Harold Pinter, Elizabeth Eaton, Elizabeth Earl, Patricia Rozema, Allon Reich, Bob Weinstein, Cathy Lord, Colin Leventhal, David Aukin, Jane Austen: Movies & TV

Mansfield Park (1999)

Mansfield Park (1999) - Never read the book, and now I really want to. Fanny is very much a Jane Austen character-I pretty much guessed what would happen, but it was such an enjoyable ride, nonetheless. ~ Kim Bongiorno @letmestart

dagnyrearden: Henry Crawford and Fanny Price Get Engaged Mansfield ParkPlayed by: Alessandro Nivola & Frances O’Connor (Screencapped by...

Mansfield Park (1999) Starring: Embeth Davidtz as Mary Crawford, Frances O'Connor as Fanny Price, Harold Pinteras Sir Thomas Bertram, and Alessandro Nivola as Henry Crawford.

#MansfieldPark (1999). Dir: Patricia Rozema. Int: Embeth Davidtz, Jonny Lee Miller, Alessandro Nivola, Frances O'Connor, Harold Pinter, Lindsay Duncan, Sheila Gish, James Purefoy, Victoria Hamilton, Justine Waddell y Hugh Bonneville.

"Life seems nothing more than a quick succession of busy nothings. " Mansfield Park (1999) At 10, Fanny Price, a poor relation, goes to live at Mansfield Park, the estate of her aunt's husband, Sir Thomas. Director: Patricia Rozema, Writers: Jane Austen (novel), Patricia Rozema, Stars: Frances O'Connor, Jonny Lee Miller, Alessandro Nivola, Hannah Taylor Gordon, Talya Gordon, Lindsay Duncan, Bruce Byron , James Purefoy.

Mansfield Park (1999) Starring: Alessandro Nivola as Henry Crawford and Frances O'Connor as Fanny Price. Only when a letter from Edmund arrives which discloses his hopes of marrying Mary Crawford – he writes that Mary is the only woman he can see as his wife – does Fanny seriously consider Henry Crawford's offer. Finally, she concedes and accepts his proposal. However, Fanny realizes she does not trust Crawford, and takes back her acceptance the next day. Henry is furious and storms away.