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There is rarely a time where I see something that is not of interest on this blog. From quotes that do an amazing job of capturing my mood and life at any given moment to really cool inventions, this is a must read.

How often do you watch TV? What if you could stop watching TV and spend that time more wisely? Here are 59 things to do instead of watching TV!

And p.s. They killed each other all the time over land wars. White guys didn't invent scalping...although they were prized victims. And yeah, I've got native American in my blood. I just don't have a stick up my rear over it.

"I own a bakery. Once I had a customer tell me to give her bread for free because she knew the owner if I didn't she'd get me fired. "I responded, I am the owner and I've never met you in my life " "

Cartoon: News they can use - http://americanlibertypac.com/2016/12/cartoon-news-can-use/ | #2016Elections, #Cartoons, #LiberalMedia | American Liberty PAC

German cinema from 1927 to 1945 was affected drastically by the political environment that grew within the nation. After Germany suffered drastically at the hands of the Versailles treaty and its reparations clause, Adolph Hitler, the Fuhrer of Nazi...

Disclaimer this is not a pretty motivational quote here: I was fat before not curvy I was fat with 71 kg and only 5.2. I hated myself every time I looked in a mirror while perfectly hiding my insecurities under make up fake tan drowning my pain in alcohol and emotional eating when nobody was watching. I pretended I was confident I was lying to myself looking for validation. I was lost. To make thing worse I got into extreme dieting by starving myself or making myself sick. Without any…

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