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dachau concentration camp | Tennessee Holocaust Commission - Programs - Living On - Matilda ... "On a train to Dachau, Matilda heard a voice pierce the darkness: “The Americans are coming.“ Tearfully she recalls, �The Americans were coming.� Out of fear, the guards abandoned the train. Matilda remembers the chaos as prisoners delirious from starvation raided the food car. After liberation, the sisters returned to Hungary. “But we came home to no one and nothing,“

Elmau & Dachau: A Muslim’s Testimony | Jewish Journal "She came as a Muslim witness, who could testify against the outrage of Holocaust denial in the Islamic world and point out the deep danger in ignoring history and the memory of narrative."

This Powerpoint allows students to tour Dachau, the first Nazi concentration camp. If you are teaching a unit on the Holocaust this Powerpoint will...

Le camp de concentration de Dachau.

Having lost both of his parents in concentration camps, Michael Kraus began writing a series of diaries that documented his and their experiences. As archivist Rebecca Erbelding shares in this episode, they are unique records--beautifully illustrated and made in the direct wake of the Holocaust. Watch more episodes of Curators' Corner: http://w...

Two survivors of Kaufering, a network of subsidiary camps of the Dachau concentration camp. Landsberg-Kaufering, Germany, after April 27, 1945.

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