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Guide to Lowering Cholesterol with Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes publication

TLC Diet - Heart healthy nutrition to lower cholesterol!

Guide to Lowering Blood Pressure with DASH publication

TLC Diet Pros and Cons - A low-fat way of eating aimed at lowering LDL cholesterol, the Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Diet is not for everyone. Find out more before deciding to try it.

TLC Diet -- What You Need to Know -- US News Best Diets -- The aim: Cutting high cholesterol.

Guide to Lowering Blood Pressure publication

An easy way to see what should be going in your body and what shouldn't. #energy #healthy #energize_your_life #igs

This picture is total crap! Not all fat people eat crap and not all skinny people eat fruits and veggies. It perpetuates a stereotypical myth that it is okay to judge someone's lifestyle by looking at them.