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You can always work on your posture. i know mine's bad from sitting at a desk all day....

Fix Your Posture to Maximize Muscle

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Stop doing crunches and start doing these six ab exercises!

Best 6 AB exercises reps x 3 or 1 minute holds x Elbow Plank Alternating Toe Touches Flutter Kicks Russian Twists Side Plank Knee Extensions

Read this for an awesome workout! Lose those love handles in no time. This is good!

We Heard You Wanted A Workout To Fight The Muffin Top

If you're wondering how to lose your love handles, check out our love handle workout, full of core exercises to burn belly fat and calories.

Candace Cameron Bure shares her diet and healthy living tips.

Everything Candace Cameron Bure eats to stay in shape. Plus, info on her workout routine!

13 Moves for Terrifically Toned Inner Thighs The perfect lower body workout!

13 Moves For Terrifically Toned Inner Thighs

For long, lean, sexy legs, check out our inner thigh workout. Here are 13 moves to challenge you and change you, plus several thigh-loving moves!