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Berit Kruger-Johnson ~ Dreams of Love

Berit Kruger-Johnsen

A Big Heart a limited edition print by Berit Kruger Johnsen

heart owls

Detail of a new range of cards illustrated by Chad Woodward & published by Urban Graphic.

Love Is All Around ...

Love Is All Around by Doug Hyde - Contemporary Paintings & fine art pictures available in our gallery - Free delivery on all orders over

ROSA=BIG HEARTED Deep down inside she has a huge heart where she cares for the lives of the people closet to her and gives it her all to take acre of them. Max fist arrives and he is seriously ill. She comes to aid right away with her soup and she never insulted him. She also has the heart to go to Liesel at school to secretly tell her that Max had finally woken up. Its just hidden under harsh skin.

Big Hearted - Edition on Paper by Doug Hyde

awww <3

How adorable are these garage door love scenes? This highly creative set features two unknown people hiding behind a garage door with only the bottom halves o…