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I made a fancy hat for the Belmont Stakes race! A couple of peacock feathers, a fluffy black feather, a massive purple flower, and a trim made of wide royal blue ribbon, deep purple lace, and thinner lemongrass green ribbon. I ADORE it!

My daughter's hat for the Belmont Stakes race. Two large quill feathers, a big pink flower with a yellow gem in the center, and two pink and yellow ribbon tails.

I did mine with hot glue, since Elmer's DOES NOT stand out of a surface like that. The I went over the whole thing with acrylic paint in pinks, reds, and purples, then went over the design with gold paint to accent it. I love how it turned out!

My baby gir's hat for the Belmont Stakes race (it's tiny, about the size of a small fist). A fluffy feather piece with two kinds of feathers, red lace and black and white rosette trim around the band, with a burgundy and red flower.

Mine is a few different kinds of yarn, and the flowers I used are small pink and yellow fake flowers. It's adorable!

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