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Beejoir on Instagram: “Hello old friend we meet again... edition coming this year 125 in 125 colours...”

“The Souper Dress”, Andy Warhol design 1965 80% cellulose / 20% cotton This was basically a paper dress that featured a screen-printed image of a Campbell Soup label in the style of an Andy Warhol print. Back in the sixties, you could own the dress for the cost of only two labels and $1.00. Today eBay fetches $1,500 for one with the original packaging.

Stone Island's Heat Reactive Jacket

03/05/2015 - Smart textiles Heat Reactive Jacket by Stone Island, a tracksuit top which changes colour from black to green/ blue once it has reached 27 degrees. The fabric that is cotton nylon with thermosentive liquid crystals that react to heat.

Philips Luminous textiles is a company who focus on creating garments which have similar "sensitive" qualities as human skin. ‘Bubelle’, is a delicate ‘bubble’ dress illuminated by patterns that changed dependent on skin contact. 'Bubelle' was developed as part of the SKIN research project which looks into emotional sensing and explores technologies that are ’sensitive’ rather than ‘intelligent’