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28 Apple Watch tips and tricks you should know | There are a lot of really nifty things you can do with the Watch beyond checking the time or sending messages: Here are 28 of my favorite tricks and tips I've discovered while reading through Apple's Watch user guide. (24/04/15)

WEARABLE Sight Word watches! Print, color, cut and WEAR! What a fun and effective way to master those tricky sight words!

First smart watch built for children. Embedded with a GPS chip as well as 3G, the POMO Waffle allows parents to know where their youngsters are headed and speak to each other. Kids can also pair them to become ‘BFFs’, and can emoji text each other. The watch comes with an alarm function and even a schedule-creating function that allows kids to structure their lives the way they want to and plan their day.

#ItBag2015 Spotting: Dior’s Diorama Bag on Oscar Nominee Marion Cotillard

It was none other than the Dior Diorama elegantly perched across Academy Award–nominated actress Marion Cotillard.

The First True Smartwatch Was Actually Released Way Back in 1977

Before the Apple Watch, before Android Wear, even decades before MSN Direct and SPOT watches were even a twinkle in Microsoft’s eye, Hewlett Packard released the HP-01. It was a technological quantum leap for wearables, and arguably the first smartwatch the world had ever seen.