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The story of agent Phil Coulson…LAUREN OH MY GOD

The story of agent Phil Coulson…

The story of agent Phil Coulson… HEAD CANON ACCEPTED - except we know exactly how he is alive because of Agents of Shield

Shared an ice cream with Erik Selvig

Finally Something Good

first kiss stolen by iron man. boo i want the cap <-- SWITCH WITH ME. I'm wrecking havoc with Captain America which is way cool cause I didn't think he could cause havoc but like c'mon lemme kiss Iron Man.

I watched you while you were sleeping... Or--you know, I-I was... present... while you were unconscious.

You know that your a fan of something when . Your soooo excited to watch your hero frozen in ice<< also "I watched you while you were sleeping" :D

Man Crush vs The Bad Marriage aka Agent Coulson & Captain America or Phil and Tony Stark.

Joss Whedon has said that Coulson would have a "man crush" on Cap. The Avenger Relationships of Agent Coulson

Coulson and Hawkeye by ~OrangePopFox on deviantART || Phil Coulson, Clint Barton || 720px × 2,007px || #fanart

The SHIELD TV show should totally have a Coulson and Clint-Barton-in-the-ceiling cameo. (also, OMG Coulson has a Captain America coffee mug XD)

Not that I blame him...I'd do the same thing...Chris Evans is SOOOOO ATTRACTIVE!!!!! <3

When I watched avengers I thought coulson was crazy but now that I think about that is me a ultimate fangirl

SDCC 2016 Clark Gregg is awesome!

Because apparently the "Marvel actors ARE their characters" applies to Clark Gregg/Coulson, too.