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Great Tea For Colds, Sore Throat. This is a quick tea, but you can also prepare it 2 months prior and it turns into jelly (no water at this time). Prepare the same ingredients but no water, put it in a Mason Jar-refrigerate, cover tight, keep for 2 months, it'll become a jelly. When needed, add hot water.

We all know that spices, herbs, and aromatics make just about any dish even more delicious. From savory to sweet to spicy, these additives come in little jars, but pack a powerful punch. People all over the world have valued spices, making the spice trade one of the most powerful, with some being valued more than gold...

Tinctures capture and concentrate the vital healing power of herbs in a way that can be conveniently stored for years. Made with a solvent, usually alcohol, ...

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