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Eurozone interbank credit has been declining since 2012.(June 26th 2013)


BIS records startling collapse of eurozone interbank loans

Eurozone interbank lending collapsed in Q4/2012.(June 2nd 2013)

Two Speed fiscal union is driven by the unsecured bank debt refinancing liability.(June 12th 2012)

The Eurozone has the Unholy Trinity of Banking, Debt and Currency crises simultaneously.(June 26th 2012)

Since European air carriers hedge seventy percent of the their fuel costs, the recent fall in fuel prices will not benefit them.(June 12th 2012)

from Bloomberg View

Spanish Bailout Shows Europe Still Doesn’t Get It

The Spanish bailout has a Greek outcome.(June 12th 2012)


Capital Flight Leaves Banks in Germany Awash in Deposits

Capital flies to German banks.(June 11th 2012)

from Business Insider

Is This What Massive Wealth Transfer Out Of Germany Looks Like?

To the Bulls it's a Master Plan, to the Bears its the slowdown spreading from Spain to Germany.(June 4t 2012)

from Business Insider

CITI: Our Greek Exit Opinion Is Unchanged, 50% To 75% Probability Greece Is Out

After the second Greek election, Citi still sees an unchanged probability of exit in the medium term.(June 18th 2012)


Greek Bank Deposit Outflows Said to Rise Before Elections

Greek Bank Deposit Outflows Said to Have Risen Before Elections .(June 13th 2012)