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Despite their fierceness, golden eagles are quite sedentary. They can sit perched for more than 75 percent of the day. In extremely cold weather they may perch together for warmth. Until recent research, the population that winters in eastern Iowa was once thought to be eagles that ventured from the American West. But the Iowa eagles instead travel thousands of miles from far northern Canada. | Iowa Outdoors Magazine

Once thought as wanderers from the Rocky Mountains and western states, research shows Iowa’s wintering golden eagles travel thousands of miles from the far, far north.

Beautiful eagle

Beautiful eagle

African Fish Eagle {Haliaeetus vocifer} with Fish!  by Dou Pienaar

emuwren: “ The African Fish Eagle - Haliaeetus vocifer, is a large species of eagle that is found throughout the world wherever large bodies of water that have an abundant food supply .

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Ebony And Ivory Living In Harmony

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