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In class we saw many examples of the goosehead used in legs of chairs (amongst other things like animal feet/hooves). Here we see it used in a bench, and instead of the necks crossing and beaks pointing straight down, the necks curve together and face inward.

Subatomic table by Jason Phillips | architecture and arts

This fruit presser designed by Philippe Starck reminds us of the reeding found on Egyptian columns and their monumentality. The columns are skeuomorphs of reed bundles an important aspect of Egyptian furniture and a tendency repeated throughout history. The reed fluting the Egyptians employed then becomes relevant again in this design as a method of draining juice to the bottom point.

++ Stockholm Furniture Fair 2013 - Gemla

from Etsy

Arthur Umanoff Chair Desk Chair Side Chair

A stunning chair designed Arthur Umanoff, this style is very rare. Paper cord seat + back on wrought iron bases with wrap around wood armrest.

Finn Juhl. Seatback, Incline (differing leg heights), Trust Structure applied in the seatback.

De Natura Fossilium by Formafantasma_dezeen_vase

the Egyptian Chair by Mogens Lassen