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I am dedicating this feature to the fabulous :iconenchantedwhispersart: She has been such an amazing friend and so patient and kind. I wish you the very... Two Capricorns AND a feature!!!


Breanna loves crows. It began when she ran away from home, she got lost and almost died of being so cold. A few crows led her back to New York, and from that day on, Breanna respected crows and feeds them whenever she gets the chance.

I am a flawed person. I have many shortcomings. A rainbow that’s not long enough, a starry night with clouds. But I can only be thankful to the God who loves me just this way, and I can only be grateful to the people in my life who accept the clear blue sky with many blackbirds and who are patient with the rainbow that isn’t long enough. And because of this, I am taught love, because of this I love my God, and I love these people.” C JoyBell C~art by Michael Parkes

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Talking to the Moon. I replay this song over and over some night just sitting at the lakefront. Nights like tonight. I would do anything to have my angel back.

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