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How many times have we all taken a step back from something that we thought might be a great idea?

“I will not move into your community, for it is exactly the place I do not wish to be!” - Senior Living Industry Information & Commentary

If you’ve followed along with news from the Department of Labor recently, you may have heard that there was a proposal for anyone earning less than $50,000 (whether they were salaried workers or not) becoming eligible for overtime. Nothing has passed yet, and it’s still not a law, but it has brought up the discussion of overtime for other workers.

Have You Thought About Clever Ideas to Reach Nursing Home Consumers? | Senior Housing Forum

Angela Lunde talks with John Zeisel, Loneliness in Seniors, Old Age vs. Happiness, Baby Boomer Marketplace, and Dealing With Irrational Team Members

One of the most unfortunate side effects of moving to a senior living community can often be the loss of purpose for the resident.

Why is it that marketing departments can’t wait to get their hands on the latest…