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Poverty theme - I'm interested to hear what poor people themselves say about their situation. The rest of us always have a ready answer for "why" they are poor, and the solution seems so easy when you're not one of them

Poverty theme - This guy has revolutionized banking for poor people, lending money where banks will not, which gives them the opportunity to create a business that sustains themselves and their families. He has other books as well.

Poverty theme - From where I stand right now (not having read any of the books on this list), I cannot see that there WILL be an end of poverty. Even if everyone suddenly made an income above the current poverty level, there would just be a new poverty level, right? I'm interested in the "economic possibilities for our time."

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Poverty - More Than Good Intentions: Improving the Ways the World's Poor Borrow, Save, Farm, Learn, and Stay Healthy