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I'm Jessica. I went to Clemson University, and it was a good time. I lived in Israel from August 2009 to May 2010 working on an M.A. in Israeli Society and Politics. I'm in law school for the fall so...

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

When ppl say that I tell them to stay in their lane

Happy Birthday Tyler❤️I have no words to describe how much you and this music means to me. You and josh have helped me so much, I wouldn't be here without you. Stay Alive - 1 December 2016

It's incredibly hard for me not to share everything I feel about what's happening.I want to share it all with you, but for my own sanity,I just can't anymore.I mean every word I say,and that's the problem,they are just words floating out on the internet with nothing to anchor them.It's just too much,but it's my fault,I think I might have thought what we have is more than it is.I have to start safeguarding my heart because this absence is killing me, maybe I just feel too much...I don't…

You're the one I want to be with for as long as I exist

Okay but Tyler said they write music together // I wonder which parts of which songs Josh wrote

Mind-Bending Shower Thoughts In Pictures - The Best Funny Pictures

Mind-Bending Shower Thoughts In Pictures - The Best Funny Pictures