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“Wanting something is not enough. You must hunger for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way.” ~ Les Brown Got a bunch of wants that aren’t getting fulfilled in your life or with your Art? Want to know one of the biggest reasons why

Maybe What Your Art Career Needs is Some YES - As Artists we can either be a YES or a NO to opportunities. Is your Art, Your Art Career, the Business of your Art expanding the way you want it to? Perhaps you just need to become a BIG YES so things open up for you!!

Weirdness is a Creative Superpower ... Embrace it! Spend any of your time thinking that your Weirdness is a hindrance in life? Constantly looking for ways to "normalize" yourself because you think your life or your Art or the Business of your Art might go better? What if you being Weird was your best asset in the world?

What Does your Future-Artist-Self Have to Tell YOU? The YOU out in your Future may have some surprising things to tell the YOU in the present moment about your Art and Art Career if you would be willing to listen to him or her. Maybe, as a creator, it is time to create your Future-Artist-Self so you can benefit from that wisdom.

Focusing on YOUR Creative Victories and What is Working! We spend a lot of time looking at what is not working or what is wrong ... What about switching your view to find everything that is right about Your Life, Your Art, Your Creativity and or your Art Business?

What to Expand Your Art? Get Grateful! Gratitude is a magical practice that will expand your Creativity AND your life! Far from being some WooWoo concept it has scientific proof. Ready to take your Creativity and Art to the next level … consider getting Grateful ... and see what happens

Ready to Bring 2015 to a Creative and Powerful End? Instead of just rushing through the end of the year & blasting into 2016 ... how about taking some time to reflect on 2015 and complete it by acknowledging the lessons and celebrating your victories in your Life, your Art and/or your Art Career/Business? How do you do that? I have done the work for you and give you all the questions to ask to powerfully complete 2015. ENJOY!

Are You Telling Your Story About Your Art? How many great stories have you heard about various pieces of Art? Has an Artist’s story ever had you feel more connected to an Artist or make the decision to buy a work of Art?? Are you a Storyteller who shares your Story with Potential Collectors? If not you might want to rethink that …

How Much Time should YOU Spend on the Business of your Art? What if the real questions are: How committed are you and How much time will you allow? Your ART deserves time! Your ART Business deserves time!

Knowing and Sharing your Value as an Artist It is so easy to let yourself forget how valuable you are as an Artist. It is also really challenging, at times, to convey your value to others. What if knowing your value and being able to convey it are two of the BIG secrets to expanding your Art out in the world?