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Angel Number 888, What Does It Mean?

Angel Number 888- Balance All Areas of Your Life!

Mental Health Awareness Ribbon Green Angel Art Custom Key Chain Pendants

Today's Card is from Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue - Shield Yourself - If you feel highly sensitive today then Call on the angels to surround you with one or more of the following colours to help you. Blue- better communication and clarity Green - healing and balanced health Pink - Lightheartedness and romance or unconditional universal love Purple - Spiritual protection (psychic attack) White - General protection Yellow - mental focus and clarity Orange - emotional balance (calm inner…

from Silver Lined Days

How to Clear Energetic Blocks Throughout Your Day

Feeling like you’ve hit a wall? Meditation, affirmations, and being out in nature are great techniques to bust through blocks but we can take it a step further... reiki | reiki healing | chakra healing | chakras | clear mental blocks | energy healing | meditation | mindfulness