I wrote an essay about the emotional attachment I have to a Le Creuset 7 1/4 qt. Round French Oven. They have several sizes and 15 colors to choose from, this 7 1/4 quart is about 12" across and is a good size for our family. I use it in the oven and on the stovetop. It's an heirloom-quality purchase - which means you will have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.

From delicious macaroni and cheese to warm shepherd's pie, this lidded Dutch oven is perfect for prepping your family's favorite meals.

i LOVE le creuset. One of my biggest dreams is to be able to buy my mom this Fire Orange pot.

Image for 2 qt. Round French Oven from Le Creuset, Mom and Jean along with one pot meals book

For nearly a century, Le Creuset has handcrafted enameled cast iron cookware of superlative quality, durability and versatility. From rich risottos and spicy curry to jasmine rice for stir-fry, every

Le Creuset stockpot. I need a 12- or 16-qt and I might as well get a good one. I should ask @Molly Osmond though, she who knows all things cookware.

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