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Horse Grooming - never seen using a sisal mitt before

**FREE Equine Colic Fact Sheet** The term “colic” strikes fear among us all, rightful so, as the incidence of colic in the general horse population has been estimated between 10 and 11% per year. Among domesticated horses, colic is a major cause of premature death and a recent study revealed colic was second only to old-age as the leading cause of death in horses. A condition we all must take very serious! Download your free fact Sheet now!

Understanding equine back pain....the only thing this article (which is very good) neglects to stress is that riders must have their seat balanced properly to keep their horses back healthy. Most instructors try to stick a rider in "one size fits all" position, or as they like to say, the "proper" position but a rider must be balanced for their body and their body alone.

If you don't care to read the whole list then just read the last two. They are the only reason I pinned the list!

Infographic: Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS)

Infographic: Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS)

Infographic: Navicular Disease

Infographic: Navicular Disease


5 key things to consider when choosing a pocket square


Hello to all my previous and new Tumblr friends! I'm baaack!!! Thank you for stopping by, and have a...

Horse Show Checklist. We all forget things, when I was little I forgot my girth at the barn. So I always try to help my students so that never happens to them=)

There's nothing quite so special as the bond between a girl, her dog, and her horse