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from Kid World Citizen

Esperanto for Kids

What's the language that aims to unite the world? Here's the history of the language "Esperanto" and resources for learning and speaking Esperanto for kids.

» Informative Esperanto Video, The International Language. Tim Morley is pioneering an innovative program for introducing young children to foreign languages using the constructed language of Esperanto. Tim Morely believes that every student could benefit from learning Esperanto. In this persuasive talk, he makes the case that Esperanto can spring-board a child for a lifetime of learning languages.

from The Economist

Johnson: Simple, logical and doomed

Esperanto - Simple, logical and doomed - Outsiders tend to scoff at Esperanto as an idealistic waste of time. Esperantists harrumph back: with somewhere between a few hundred thousand and possibly 2m learners, Esperanto is far and away world’s most successful invented language.