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The War On Christmas

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Matchbox Magic. I remember when I was a child, my mother giving me a matchbox & a challenge. She said that I had to try & fill the matchbox with as many things as I could find which would fit into the box & when the box was full - or I could find no more things, I was to bring the matchbox back & share my treasures with her. To me, at the time, it was the greatest challenge ever & one which made fantastic memories for me. This photograph brought back that 'moment' in time from my…

3 DIY Projects That Make Awesome Father’s Day Gifts!

3 DIY Projects That Make Awesome Father's Day Gifts! | Project Inspired


The first exhibition to be organized under the leadership of MAD’s new Director Glenn Adamson, NYC Makers showcases the work of 100 makers—highly inventive artisans, artists, and designers who create objects or environments through exquisite workmanship and skill.

10 Awesome Gifts for Children with Special Needs (+5 more)

Encouraging inquiry through art: By using a clipboard and marker, Jack is able to make his ideas visible. Through this we are able to work together to investigate further