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American Diabetes Association - Prednisone with type 2 diabetes? - American Diabetes Association Community

The American Diabetes Association recommends eggplant @UNOHealthyLifestyle.Com #diet #diabetes #healthyliving #healthyeating

No Mayo Egg Salad - Quick Recipe - American Diabetes Association

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Diabetes Control: A1C Conversion Chart & Tips

Find out what symptoms you need to watch out for to minimize or prevent them. Presbyterian Medical Services (PMS) is here for you New Mexico! Our community health centers serve all ages. We provide chronic illness care for illnesses like diabetes. Visit for more information.

Some Awesome Pictures of President Obama. Keeping in mind that the right wing nuts of America would rather describe him as a "skinny, big-eared community organizer" instead of a Constitutional Law Professor at Harvard (the most revered university in America), lawyer, family man and fearless leader. It's sad. The stupid is strong on the other side.

A young Oprah Winfrey. She was fired from her post as co-anchor of the evening news in Baltimore and told she was "unfit for TV". She was demoted to the morning news, where she found her voice, met her lifelong best friend Gayle King, and the rest is history. One of many exceptionally successful people who encountered failure along the way but kept going. I hope whoever made that decision lived to see her incredible success.

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Delicious Diabetes-Friendly Dessert Recipes

Brandied Apple Strudel

A low-carb, sugar-free German Chocolate Cake that tastes AMAZING!

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Favorite Diabetic Brunch Recipes

Roast your vegetables the night before for a quick-fix dish the next morning. The roasted vegetables and baked eggs make this a healthy brunch dish that all of your guests will enjoy.