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Hoy vamos a hablar de la Leche de Vaca Pasteurizada, es decir del  último Veneno blanco.  Continuamente nos están bombardeando con infinidad de anuncios y publicidad donde nos quieren vender lo buena y saludable que es la leche y lo importante que es su contenido en calcio entre otras cosas. Esto nos han llevado a Seguir Leyendo …

from Yuri Elkaim

Sugar Detox Plan: A 10-Step Blueprint for Quitting Sugar

A proven sugar detox plan could mean the difference between you having an easier time losing weight, eating well, and feeling great or...Continuing to suffer with candida overgrowth... debilitating cravings... and packing on pounds of excess fat.So if you\\\'ve been gripped by sugar\\\'s deadly claws, the powerful 10-step sugar detox ...

Σκάνδαλο για μόχλευση ερευνών σχετικά με την παχυσαρκία από στέλεχος της Coca Cola

from Levi Quackenboss

What’s Really in the DTaP?

I started down a different road this morning, eager to tell you all about how the polysorbate 80 in the DTaP is causing the rising sunflower seed allergy. But along the way I had to stop and look ...