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Large Underground Xenon (LUX) Dark Matter Experiment Our experiment is a 350 kg liquid xenon time-projection chamber that aims to directly detect galactic dark matter in an underground laboratory 1 mile under the earth, in the Black Hills of South Dakota, USA.

DarkSide-50 searches for dark matter from deep under an Italian mountain By Randall Marsh January 22, 2014 The DarkSide-50 detector is about the size of a grocery bag

Oct 2010 Saturn: Light, Dark, & Strange Credit: Cassini Imaging Team, ISS, JPL, ESA, NASA That large orb on the left must be Saturn itself. Those arcs on the right are surely the rings. The dark band running diagonally must be the shadow of Saturn on the rings. That leaves the unusual dark bands superposed on Saturn's disk -- are they the shadows of the rings? ... So the rings themselves cause the dark streaks on Saturn. These rings segments appear dark because they are in the shadow of…

A blade of grass is a commonplace on Earth; it would be a miracle on Mars. Our descendants on Mars will know the value of a patch of green. And if a blade of grass is priceless, what is the value of a human being? ~~ Carl Sagan

All the Water on Planet Earth Explanation: How much of planet Earth is made of water? Very little, actually. Although oceans of water cover about 70 percent of Earth’s surface, these oceans are shallow compared to the Earth’s radius. The above illustration shows what would happen is all of the water on or near the surface of the Earth were bunched up into a ball. The radius of this ball would would be only about 700 kilometers, less than half the radius of the Earth’s Moon