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Failure - the worst word in my world. I have felt like I have failed a lot in my life. What is it about failure that makes us a different person? Why do we have to go to failure to begin with. Why can't my life be that path I thought it was suppose to…

$12.00 (Buy here: ) 1 piece 100% original Fuji AR22F0L-10E3W with LIGHT printing switch button for just $12.00

$12.00 (Buy here: ) 1 piece 100% original with LIGHT Flat printing button switch AR22F0L-10E3G for just $12.00

☽The Dark Side And The Light☼ — these-are-the-first-steps: thealeksdemon: I’ve...

$29.99 (Buy here: ) KUTOOK Bike Light T6&L2 Wick Bicycle Light Cycling Light Lamp+Battery Pack+Charger 4 Switch Modes for just $29.99

colours. LOVE. This is Shivaun's colour scheme I think even? I'd probably leave out the plum, but my oh my it looks good with the other colours...

$12.26 (Buy here: ) Sensor Light EE-SX671A L Type Photo Micro Sensor Switch for just $12.26

$14.19 (Buy here: ) 220V 1CH 10A M4/L4/T4 Change by Jumper 1000W Remote Light Switch Latched Wireless Power Switch Receiver&2Transmitter for just $14.19

$14.99 (Buy here: ) 220V 1CH 10A RF Wireless Remote Control Lighting Switch System 2PCS Receiver Transmitter M4/T4/L4 Output State is Adjusted for just $14.99

$13.69 (Buy here: ) XIND ELE 433mhz Wireless Remote Control Light Switches AC 110V - 220V Long Distance Remote For Light and Door #RF220-1L-433+LR1# for just $13.69