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Belle - season 3 promo close up - made by fairytaleasoldastime - via Scribbles-by-Kate on Tumblr

from E! Online

Comic-Con 2012: Once Upon a Time Scoop

ONCE UPON A TIME, JOSH DALLAS, GINNIFER GOODWIN...<3 them together in the show and in real life

When someone insults my fandom...can substitute 'fandom' for 'friends' or 'sisters' and it would still apply

Get Meghan Ory’s Hair From ABCs Once Upon A Time - and her costume! I find her the prettiest character :)

itskatnissandpeeta: Belle: I’m sorry, do… do I know you? Mr. Gold: No. But you will.

Belle from ABC's ''Once Upon a Time''. My Favorite Disney Princess <3