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The Beatles I Wanna Hold your Cushion Pillow Cover Case


Jason Robert Brown directs his own musical about an entire relationship

One of the #fossil #ammonite shells I found had cracked at the end and revealed it was actually a #geode inside with amber colored crystals. It was a nice surprise. And this is how I like to display all my fossil specimens; inside a #terrarium apothecary jar. I have a few available for purchase if anyone is interested. 💚 #dbterrariums

This is a quick design that prevents kinks in filament as it's pulled by the extruder. It attaches via the sheet metal screw on the top of the printer's z axis tower. I printed it at 3 shells 20% infill- just enough to make sure that the part underneath the screw is solid. Let me know if you have any problems! Update: mine squeaks a little as the filament rubs against it. I haven't had the time to try sanding it down yet though. Let me know if you have the same issue!

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Quick and Easy Onsen Tamago ("Hot Spring" Soft-Boiled Eggs)

Great recipe for Quick and Easy Onsen Tamago ("Hot Spring" Soft-Boiled Eggs). I already had a hands-off onsen egg recipe, but I wanted a recipe that would allow me to use the eggs right away, so I revised my original recipe. Apparently onsen eggs are the easiest to digest. The point is to wait for 1 minute before putting in the eggs. If you put them in too soon, the egg whites will stick a lot to the shell. Every household has different sized pots, but once you get the hang of how much…

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Gardeners 1: Snails 0…

We at Cuttings HQ hate waste. So when and rather belatedly spring-cleaning the Cuttings archives in August 2016 I unearthed a news item penned for November 2014 that hadnt been published neither in print nor on the AoB Blog! I knew it had to be given an appropriate airing. And as luck would have it it is still timely. So here it is finally! As we proceed through autumn into winter there is much talk in the UK of the annual invasion of our homes by spiders. Such conversation usually turns…

[Udemy #BlackFriday] Femme Essence: Own Your Femininity Through #Dance About This Course Published 11/2016English Course Description Improve your body confidence while having fun by learning these easy-to-follow dance routines! Have you always wanted to learn how to dance but feel like you lack rhythm? Have you always wanted to build confidence in your body but didn't know where to start? Have you always wanted to feel comfortable in your own skin? I totally get you because me and…

Thanks for baking with me in the @kingarthurflour #bakealong this weekend! I had a blast making this apple pie and if you missed it, head over to @kingarthurflour to see the whole process! Did you eat yours à la mode?

such a beautiful sea shell. I can see a chandelier draped in these shells. If only I had some. Iniforis_progressa