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Wasnt sure whether to pin this to my men board or Harry potter (;

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Ha ha!! "There's a fine line between genius and crazy... I like to use that line as a jump rope."

Well there you go! No wonder zee agitates me so much

AND none of them have their hair just 'blowing in the wind'. Braids and sensible updo's and pixie cuts are soooo much better.

"Opinionated" asshats! Go get a life! There's nothing wrong with me, it's YOU…

Well hello there from Maine! Lol! Had a moose hanging around in our driveway a couple years ago!

from GQ

Burn Victim Sam Brown Treated With Virtual-Reality Video Game SnowWorld

Disney Memes Do It Better | Cambio Photo Gallery

Imagine murdering your soulmate so that you can be immortal, and thus that utter act of evil means you've sold your soul and are now devoid of goodness